With close to seven million people residing in the area, and about 40% of those in the city proper, Houston, TX is the fifth largest metro area in the United States.

Houston offers everything one would expect from a major city. From hip, artsy districts like Montrose to the business-and-events-oriented downtown to classic planned suburbs like Kingwood, there is a place suited for any taste and lifestyle. Many neighborhoods, especially near the city core, are served to some extent by public transportation, and shopping opportunities abound throughout the city, whether in neighborhood shopping districts or destination retail like the Galleria. Of course, there are professional sports teams to root for, and world-class entertainers make regular trips through iconic venues like NRG Stadium and House of Blues.

The land speculators who invested their time and money in Houston back in 1836 could scarcely have envisioned such spectacular success. But certainly, they saw an opportunity and expected a solid return on their efforts. The mechanics of real estate investing are quite different now. But in some ways, the fundamentals are the same: opportunity exists, and visionaries jump on it.

Economically, Houston abounds with employers in the energy, health care, and aerospace industries, which attract well-educated individuals for well-paid positions. The city’s booming population and healthy economy mean housing is continually in demand, and tenants seek well-managed homes. Houston properties are one of today’s greatest real estate investment opportunities.

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