Located just inside Harris County, Tomball is a small town situated in the Houston metropolitan area. With just over 10,000 residents, Tomball is the perfect location to get away from the big city feel while still being close enough to enjoy a night on the town from time to time. While there are many options when it comes to the bigger metropolitan area, Tomball has many unique features of its own.

You can enjoy a nice round of golf at any of the amazing courses that run inside this city. Some of the most popular include Windrose, Gleannloch Pines, and High Meadow Ranch Golf Clubs. If you would rather enjoy a day at the lake, then Burroughs Park should be your next stop. Those who enjoy shopping will love the antique feel of the various side shops throughout the city of Tomball, Texas. Be sure to hit up Birds Of A Feather Antiques & Vintage Market Place, The Turquoise Door Boutique, and Shabby Chic Shenanigans.  One of the favorites is Main Street Crossing in Tomball, Texas. Main Street Crossing is a listening room and concert hall to some up and coming music talent.  You can’t be in Tomball without stopping by the historic Train Depot. During normal hours, there are many things to explore from arts and antiques to railroad tours. If you go the right time of the year, you can enjoy the Tomball Music Festival and the German Heritage Festival.

Real Estate Investing In Tomball, Texas

If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate, Tomball is a great location to start. This small town tends to house many families who are looking to live on the outskirts while still being within a fair driving distance to their job in Houston. When it comes to getting your very own Tomball rental home, it’s a decision that can help to change your financial future.

Tomball rental homes will allow you to enjoy some passive income to supplement your existing earned income. As you continue to acquire more rental properties in this Texas town, you can enjoy the more stackable income. As time goes by and you use some of the rental income to pay for your mortgages, you will start to own these rental properties free and clear. Ultimately, owning real estate will build your net worth.

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